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Whole House Filtration



Water Tank Solutions can supply and install a broad range of whole house filter systems, suitable for almost any size application. 

By installing a whole house water filter, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your family has water that is free from chemical and bacterial impurities whether they are preparing food or brushing their teeth.

Bathing in chlorine free water can also be of benefit to skin allergy sufferers and many customers report feeling much healthier, possibly because they have previously had ill effects from drinking slightly contaminated water.

Town water - Should be micro biologically safe BUT can be much better if the chlorine and sediment is removed. 

Tank water - Will almost certainly have e-coli or bacterial impurities in it, so we recommend a UV system be installed.

Bore water - may need specialist filtration solutions depending on its composition. As it may well have e-coli and bacterial impurities in it, bore water should be tested before deciding on the products to be installed.

An increasing number of our clients are seeing the benefits of a whole house system.

Sediment removal is very important as it protects your home from build up of sediment and slime in places like your hot water cylinder, dishwashers and washing machines - even if you are on town water.

For tank and bore water users, whole house filtration without a UV filter means your health is at risk from drinking faecal coliforms and e-coli. 

Benefits of whole house water filters

  • Every tap tastes just like bottled water

  • Removes chlorine 

  • Makes showering and bathing a luxurious experience again.

  • Removes sediment from your whole home

  • May reduce skin allergies & reactions

We can set up 1, 2 or 3 stage filters depending on what your situation requires.

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