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We offer a full range of water testing including microbial, chemical & particulate testing.


Potable water standards are set by the Ministry of Health (NZ), these standards are relevant to anyone whose dwelling is self-supplied

Water Tank Solutions offers a full range of water tests and diagnostics to evaluate the quality and safety of your drinking water.

Tests offered include; Microbial, Chemical and Particulate tests.
Potentially, your water tank can be a breeding ground for a host of unwanted bacteria and organisms; including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Histoplasmosis, Toxoplasmosis and E. coli.
These organisms can originate from bird or animal excrement and will settle and breed in the sediment that forms at the bottom of your water tank.
Tank water can also be chemically unbalanced or clouded with sediment or dissolved solids. 

Our water analysis is performed by trained microbiologists in a professional laboratory.

Water Testing can help identify potential hazards and Water Tank Solutions  can put in place measures to improve your drinking waters' taste and safety.

Potable water standards are set by the Ministry of Health (NZ), these standards are relevant to anyone whose dwelling is self-supplied, i.e. not connected to town supply.


Homes that are self-supplied should meet the standards as set by the Ministry of Health.

We are happy to advise builders, landlords and rental managers on requirements to ensure that homes and tenancies meet potable water standards.

How it works...

A Member of our team will visit your home and business to collect one or more water samples (depending on your requirements). We personally deliver the sample to the laboratory for testing. 

Results are returned by email (within 10 working Days) and include a detailed written report of your results and recommendations. 

Depending on your results, we will also supply additional information to help you make any decisions regarding system additions or upgrades, which may be desired to improve your water quality.


Why test your water?

Professional Water testing can be performed for both drinking water and non-drinking water, to ensure suitability and safety.


Professional Expertise

Receive a written laboratory report detailing your

results and recommendations

Image by Wesley Tingey


Ensure that your water

meets relevant

New Zealand standards

Image by CDC

Health & Safety

Identification of harmful contaminants,

like E-Coli and heavy metals

Image by Daniel Fazio

Business requirments

Ensure suitability for individual business needs, e.g horticulture, manufacturing

Enjoying Clean Water

Peace of Mind

Knowledge that your

water is safe

for the whole family


Future Proofing

Keep your home and fittings safe from damage caused by 

incorrect water parameters

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