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Tanks are drained & thoroughly cleaned on all interior walls & surfaces.

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Once your tank is clean, we are happy to arrange a delivery of clean, fresh water.


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Water Tank Cleaning



We offer a full water tank cleaning service for your domestic or farm water storage tank. 


Water tanks can become seriously polluted and a breeding ground for potentially dangerous bacteria. Water taste can also be spoilt by unpleasant fouling and odour. 
It makes sense to regularly check the "health" of your water tank.


Water Tank Solutions will drain your tank and thoroughly clean the interior walls and surfaces using a soft wash technique.

We do not recommend 'quick-filtering' water tanks, which is a system of filtering the existing water without thoroughly cleaning the interior of the tank. This is because a wide range of pathogens can cling to the inside of a water tank on layers of algae and biofilm. Our soft washing technique removes the biofilm without damaging the water tank, and vacuuming thoroughly removes sludge and debris from the bottom of the tank. 

A newly cleaned tank won't take long to get contaminated, especially from roof supply. 
We recommend a high-quality inline filter system for continuous safe drinking water, as opposed to a short-term mobile filter. 

Tank cleaning covers; Total tank drain, with water discarded onsite; soft wash internal surfaces and vacuum of debris and sludge. We also offer sterilisation of internal surfaces with an approved potable sterilising solution upon request.

Replacement water is organised at an extra charge.

*Prices may vary based on your location, tank size & onsite requirements.

You will be provided with an accurate price before work commences.

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Our tank cleaning service is available throughout the Waikato

Cambridge, Tamahere, Matangi, 

Te Awamutu, Hamilton, Morrinsville, Matamata and the South Waikato.

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