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Eco Pure UV150


The ECO PURE UV-150 is Entire home All-in-One Triple Filter, twin UV lamp reactor chamber filtration system (UV-150) and is designed to provide safe and healthy water for the whole family.

The system kills bacteria using Ultraviolet technology, a natural process on water purification that is chemical free and provides safe and healthy, great tasting water.


The UV-150 Water filtration system is in-cased in a weather resilient, modern design and lockable housing making for quick and easy installation.


It is designed to kill harmful micro organisms in untreated water supplies by using a combination of UV technology and triple filter cartridges. The primary cartridge removes sand, silt, dirt and rust particles down to 20 microns , the secondary cartridge reduces bad taste, odour chlorine, pesticides/sprays and heavy metals down to 5 microns and the third cartridge removes fine sediments and partials down to 1 micron.


The UV technology in conjunction with the triple filters eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

Filter media included:

  • Stage 1 poly pleated 20 mic

  • Stage 2 activated carbon 5mic

  • Stage 3 poly spun 1 mic

Eco-Pure 150

  • All media should be replaced at least annually to ensure continued filtration efficacy.

    In some cases, cartridges will need to be replaced more frequently due to source water contamination. 

    The following is a guide to expected service requirements: 

    20-micron Poly Pleated filter:

    Wash every 3 months,  replace every 12 months 

    5-micron carbon-activated filter:

    Replace every 12 months

    1-micron Polyspun filter:

    Replace every 6 – 12 months

    UV Lamp:

    Replace every 365 days

    Quartz sleeve:

    Replace approx. 3 yearly

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