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Pump station installation: APL Cambridge

Water Supply to Office and Manufacturing Plant; including Fire Hydrant Supply and Ground Irrigation for APL site in Cambridge.

WTS were commissioned to design and install a GreenStar Rated system for this world-class manufacturing facility. The system incorporates a multi-million litre, man-made lake to harvest the rainwater (which we will update you on as it progresses to completion- it's going to look pretty awesome!).

The requirements of this project included; distribution via an underground pump station supplying onsite irrigation, toilets, under-floor heating and fire-hydrants. This is a complete off-grid, water reticulation and supply system meeting the highest standards of ecological water use and environmental aesthetics to promote a natural habitat for local native species.

This is a bespoke pump system and the Lowara Hydrovars fulfil the requirements of the variable down-stream duty points. Due to the client's request of installation underground (to reduce environmental obstructions), the vertical multistage will allow for easy removal and retrieval from above during future servicing and maintenance. For these reasons, they were a great choice for this specific application.


8x Lowara Vertical Multistage Pumps fitted with Hydrovar Variable Speed Drive controlled motors.

This is very much still an active project and updates will this space...


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