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The Clear Advantage: Benefits of Pre-Tank Filtration

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Not all water that is stored in water tanks comes from a pristine source, in fact, many undesirable contaminants often exist right at the point of collection.

The most common issue is contamination of roof water from completely normal environmental factors. These include:

- Leaves, seeds and pollen from surrounding trees and shrubs.

- Dead or live animals. Often birds will nest in guttering and entire nests can be swept into the tank during heavy rain. As well as birds, small mammals and insects are also very common-place.

- Animal droppings and faeces; usually from birds, but also from mice, rats and possums depending on the surrounding area.

While these all might sound like pretty awful things to find in your water tank, they are in fact not unusual, and a number of steps can reduce this kind of contamination and help to ensure your water remains completely safe to drink.

Avoid contaminated water with pre-tank filtration
Roof water contamination

Below we will explore the numerous benefits of pre-tank filtration and why it's a smart choice for ensuring the quality of your stored water.

  • Improved Water Quality

The most obvious and significant benefit of pre-tank filtration is the enhancement of water quality. This filtration process helps reduce contamination from point of collection. Therefore, the water entering your tank is carrying less 'bio-load', reducing ongoing fouling as the biological matter breaks down. This improves the smell, taste and clarity of the water and reduces the overall opportunity for pathogens to thrive.

  • Prolonged Time Between Tank Cleaning

Preventing contaminants from entering your tank also extends the time between tank cleans. When debris and sediment accumulate inside the tank, they can cause significant issues with water quality due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria. Accumulated sediment can also lead to issues and damage to water pumps and fouled foot screen valves.

Pre-tank filtration minimises these risks, helping your tank last longer and saving you money on tank cleaning, replacements and repairs.

  • Money Saved on Filter Cartridges

By implementing pre-tank filtration systems, you can effectively minimise the buildup of sediment and other particles within your water tank. This reduction in sediment accumulation brings about a significant decrease in the maintenance requirements for subsequent filtration systems.

We highly recommend considering a multi-stage whole-house filtration system, as it plays a crucial role in sterilising your water to ensure it meets the stringent standards for safe drinking water. These filters, often referred to as 'post-collection' filters, are strategically placed to purify the water as it flows toward your home or tap.

When you install a pre-tank filter, you'll notice a decrease in the time and money spent on maintaining and replacing cartridges for your secondary filtration system. This is because the secondary system will encounter significantly less sediment and contamination, thanks to the pre-tank filter's efficient removal of these impurities. Ultimately, this translates to increased convenience and peace of mind for you as a homeowner.

Types of Pre-Tank Filtration

The AquaFilter

The Aquafilter is a large Pre-Tank filter, which is externally positioned and extremely well suited to roof water collection. These units can also be combined for large-scale collection. Each filter contains a 200 micron filter bag which can be easily removed, and washed for maintenance.

The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom filter is a smaller unit, which can be directly mounted to the water tank or affixed above the tank (as shown below).

These units are perfect for situations with limited space around the tank.

The filter contains a 180 Micron filter bag which can be easily removed, and washed for maintenance.

First Flush Diverters, Rain heads and Shields

Other options are available for situations were Pre-tank filters may not be suitable or desired. These include First flush diverters, Rain Heads and Shields. These options provide a diversion/intervention, as opposed to a filter, which means they do not remove smaller particles and contamination, but are suitable for removing larger solids, or in the case of first flush diverters, only the initial rainwater runoff at the start of a period of rain.


Investing in pre-tank filtration for your water storage system offers the benefits of improved water quality and reduced maintenance costs and disruption. Pre-tank filtration is a simple, yet effective, filtration method; and the upfront cost of purchase and installation can be positively weighed against savings on tank cleaning, filter cartridges and system repairs.

We are happy to discuss which system will work best for your circumstances, please Contact Us for further information.

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