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Available in a range of colours (Please request at time of ordering).


Capacity: 1,020 ltr
Height: 2170mm
Width: 750mm
Length: 950mm
Outlet Size: 15mm BSP & 25mm BSP
Weight: 40Kg


Price includes delivery to most areas of New Zealand but does not include site prep, installation, or any fittings unless stated.




Installation Requirements for SL01000 Slimline Rainwater Tanks


Immediate Securing of Tank:
The purchaser has responsibility to ensure that the tank is secured immediately following delivery. This can be done by tying the tank(s) down with rope or by standing the tank(s) upright and partly filling with water to provide stability.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the site has been prepared in accordance with the following instructions, and maintained on an ongoing basis.


Base Preparation

Each Aqua Tank SL01000 tank when filled weighs approximately one tonne, therefore the base for the tank must be level and structurally sound.

The base must be level and at least 100mm wider and longer than the tank or tank(s).


Where used, a concrete slab must be of sufficient thickness and suitably reinforced to support the weight of the tank when full. An alternative base of 75mm of retained, compacted sand can also be used.

Surface finish of the concrete slab must be smooth and level and the site must be level and free from rocks/stones or foreign objects that may damage the base of the tank.

Excavated areas must be retained and sand bases must be well compacted.


Fixing to the Wall

Each Aqua Tank SL01000 tank when filled weighs approximately one tonne and has a height dimension greater than the tank width. Therefore consideration must be given to the tank being secured to the adjoining wall to provided stability in case of a seismic event.

Each tank has a seismic restraint band moulded into the tank and this should be used to secure the tank to the wall.


Installation Guide

The Aqua Tank SL01000 is designed to allow for the tank inlet and overflow to be fitted in a number of different positions in the top of the tank.

All inlet and overflow pipes must be well supported and not dependent on the tank for stability.

The tank overflow must be run at least 300mm away from the tank base, preferably back into the down pipe or storm water drain, so as to avoid undermining the base.
To allow for expansion of the tank when filled, tanks must be installed with clearance between the tank wall and any other structure, such as buildings and fences. The minimum clearance is 7% of the tank diameter (or the tank diameter divided by 15).

All tanks must be fitted with an overflow.

All inlet and overflow holes must be cut using a holesaw.

No inlet or overflow holes are to be cut into the walls of the tank.

Provision for inlets and overflows are moulded into the top part of the tank. The overflow must be at least the same size as the inlet and must be located so that the overt of the overflow hole is lower than the overt of the inlet.
If using the brass hose tap insert, a 15mm drill bit should be used to drill out the moulded tank wall behind the thread. Care must be taken not to damage the thread during this operation. Damage to the thread can result in leaking around the tap. PTFE tape or hemp must be used on the hose tap thread. Do not over tighten the hose tap. Although the brass insert is securely moulded into the tank wall during the moulding process, over-tightening the hose tap in the tank thread could result in dislodging the brass insert from the moulded tank.

No responsibility for over-tightening will be accepted by the manufacturer.

Other installation considerations include:

  • Pre-filtering is recommended to prevent leaves, twigs etc from entering the tank.

  • If a pump is fitted to the installation type for your system, an inline filter must be installed between

    the tank and the pump to protect appliances connected to pump delivery.

  • A flexible coupling must be installed between the tank and pump pipe work to avoid stress on the

    tank wall.

  • Any pipe work connected to the tank, to preserve water quality, should not allow any light into the

    tank as light promotes algae growth.



To install the Aqua Tank SL01000 use the following steps:

  • Prepare base for the tank(s)
  • Locate tank(s) on to base
  • Restrain tanks to the wall (if using restraints)
  • Connect multiple tanks at the base using the 50mm Wallace Seals and short length of 50mm connector pipe (see below ‘Installing multiple Aqua Tank SL01000 Tanks’)
  • Stand pipes upright on base.


Use holesaw to cut inlet and overflow holes. Fit seals into tank before fitting inlet and overflow pipes.

Connect outlet; either 15mm hose tap or 25mm outlet at base. If using the 15mm threaded insert, carefully drill the tank behind the threaded outlet.

Insert the Top Joiner Pin into the tanks




Installing multiple Aqua Tank SL01000 Tanks

A Joining Kit is available. The Joining Kit includes the following:

  • 2 x 50mm Wallace Seals

  • 1 x 50mm PVC pipe with stop

  •  1 x Top Joiner Pin

    Use a 65mm holesaw to drill a hole in the centre of each of the connector recesses at the base of each tank.
    Ensure that the holes are drilled in the centre because they must align evenly. Fit a 50mm Wallace seal into each 65mm cut hole.Each joiner kit is supplied with a 300mm length of 50mm pipe. This pipe has a stop situated approx 50mm from one end. This end is to be fitted into the first tank. This can be done by lubricating the end of the short length of 50mm pipe and forcing the end of the pipe into the fitted Wallace Seal. The pipe is to be pushed in the tank until the ‘stop’ is located hard up to the Wallace Seal.

  • Lubricate the other end of the 50mm pipe so that the pipe will slip into the Wallace seal which has been fitted into the hole on the second tank.

    Tank Stands

    The use of tank stands for tank installations is not recommended. Any damage cause as a result of tank stand installation will void the Aqua tank warranty


Manufacturing Standards

Manufactured to conform to the requirements of AS/NZ4766: 2006 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.

Materials and fittings selected are tested and pass the relevant water and food contact requirements for New Zealand and Australia. In addition the polymer and colorants used are Heavy Metal free.

Made in New Zealand by Galloway International Limited 


NOTICE: All purchasers must, on receipt of the tank, read and follow the installation requirements. Failure to comply with the installation requirements will void your warranty.



Slim-line Plastic Water Tank- 1,000Ltr

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