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Self Priming Technopolymer Jet Self Priming Pump

0.6kW, 0.8hp, 240V, max hd 47m, max flow 60L/m Ports 1" BSPF In, 1" BSPF Out



  • Corrosion resistant materials- AS/NZS 4020 compliant
  • Metal pump body inserts
  • Air gap motor with shaft slinger
  • Machined bearing housings
  • Self Priming Technopolymer Jet Pumps


Suitable for domestic use for water supply and pressurisation, irrigation of gardens and moving water in general.


DAB Jet pumps are renowned for their unique self-priming and extraordinary deep suction capability up to 9 metres at sea level



  • Reliable in arduous suction conditions
  • Safe for drinking water
  • Longer life
  • Repairable
  • Robust and self priming design



  • Proven efficient performance
  • Will self prime to 9 metres
  • Will not corrode
  • No hazardous materials used
  • Nickel plated brass inserts strengthens pump body



2 Year DAB Pumps Warranty


Pumps that are AS/NZS4020 Drinking Water Approved offer peace-of-mind.

This approval ensures that the pump will not contribute any toxic materials or metals to the liquid being pumped, won’t support the growth of micro-organisms and won’t change the taste or appearance of your water.

DAB Jetcom 82M

  • Technical Specifications

    Product Type  Single Stage Jet Pump
    Brand  DAB Pumps
    Suitable For  Clean Water
    Bar  4.7
    Approval  Approved For Drinking Water
    Flow Range Category  a. 0 - 99 L/min
    Flow Rate (L/min)  60
    Hp  0.8
    kPa  476
    Kilo Watts  0.5
    Head Range Category  b. 40 - 59 m
    Max Head (m)  47
    Port Size Inlet  1" BSPF inlet
    Port Size Outlet  1" BSPF outlet
    Powered  Electric
    Volts  240
    Warranty (months)  24
    Watts  500
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