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Cast iron grinder and cutter


The Bianco industrial grade grinder pump is built for waste water applications containing soft solids and and is designed to grind various materials for pumping to sewer mains or treatment facilities.



  • Can lift water up to 20m and pump water up to 341 lpm
  • Built with a high grade, cutting device, stainless steel shaft stainless (7CR17),
  • Replaceable grinding device
  • Manufactured from high chromium hardened stainless steel
  • Dual ceramic/graphite mechanical seal
  • H07RNF neoprene chemical and oil resistant power cable


  • Grey & Black Water Pumping
  • Sump Emptying
  • Septic effluent and sewage disposal
  • Pumping of waste water with soft solids in suspension


Bianco Grinder B120GS2 with Float

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