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Equestrian Arena Irrigation

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Horse arenas bring their own set of irrigation challenges, and a number of considerations must be made when deciding which system will suit your application best.

Pop up with Sod Cup

Equestrian arenas of any size can be irrigated, but larger arenas are most likely to require either more powerful sprinklers, more sprinklers or centrally located sprinklers (surface or subsurface mounted). As the client you will need to consider the practicality of these various options for your individual requirements.

A pop-up sprinkler with sod cup: The

safest option for equestrian and

sports turf pop-ups.

If you have an existing arena, then is is most likely that you would install an above ground sprinkler system for irrigation and dust suppression. In this application we recommend 'impact' type sprinklers, as opposed to misting. We are able to supply a range of impact sprinklers to suit your budget and preferences.

Another option for sand or combi/surface arenas is 'Flooding' or Ebb and Flow'; this involves an underground network of pipes designed to deliver a carefully calculated amount of water and then drain the water after 'percolation'. This system can deliver a superior level of moisture control, even in heavy rainfall situations, and is perfect when an 'all seasons' riding surface is demanded.

Flooded sand arena network

Piping needs to be laid under the arena surface to achieve a 'flooded' system.

Equestrian arena irrigation

Flooded Sand Arena at Takapoto Estate installed by Water Tank Solutions

Sports Turf Irrigation

Perfect grass needs excellent irrigation.

Water Tank Solutions are specialists in equestrian arena and sports turf irrigation systems, we offer consultation, design and supply New Zealand Wide.

Contact us for further information: Mark 0275427826

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