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Farm & Irrigation Pumps

We supply, install & maintain a comprehensive range of farm & irrigation pumps. Pump efficiency is one of our priorities & if you need help or advice, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

By ensuring the correct pump for the application, it is possible to reduce power consumption, maximise output and minimise wear & tear or overload.


Vertical Multistage Pumps-

Vertical Multistage pumps provide high flow & high pressure. They are best suited to applications such water distribution and pressurisation, boiler feed, irrigation and water treatment.

Pumps in this style include the CNP CDLF Vertical Multistage Pump range.

Wash-down Pumps-

Wash-down pumps need to supply high flow with low pressure, this is to reduce splash back, while still being able to move significant amounts of waste.

Pumps in this style include the Bianco Wash-Down series.

Petrol Powered Water Pumps-

Petrol powered water pumps are most commonly used as transfer pumps, were there is a short term requirement to move a large amount of water. Suitable pumps include the Bianco Vulcan Range

Waste Water & Drainage Pumps-

Drainage pumps are designed to deal with grey water, while septic pumps or waste water are best suited to effluent, grey & black water.

Our range of grinder & cutter pumps includes the Bianco Grinders & the Zentit GR Professional Series (Suitable for unstrained, solid wastewaters & sewage ). 

The Bianco B42 range is suited to pumping clean/slightly dirty water & is an excellent choice for drainage pumping & waste water dripper lines.

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