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Commercial Filtration for Agriculture & Aquaculture


We have expertise & training in the design, supply & installation of commercial level filtration for agriculture & aquaculture applications.

Mechanical Filtration

Screen Filters
Recommended for separate sand and fine particles out of the water.
Screen filters are popular and inexpensive.  Common screen materials include Nylon, Polypropylene, Stainless steel and Polyester. Benefits of screen filters include; corrosion resistance, easy installation and low maintenance. Screens are cleaned by washing them with a stream of water or by removing the screen and cleaning it by hand. 
Screen Filters are effective in both drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
Screen filters are not recommended for filtering algae and other organic matter.

Disk Filters
Recommended for filtering sand and fine particles, algae and other organic matter and removing contaminants from water before nutrient leach; which makes them popular choices for recirculating agricultural systems.
Disk Filters are similar to screen filters, however, the filter cartridge is made from compressed, stacked nylon disks. The disks are grooved to a specific micron size and they integrate the benefits of both screen and media filtration.  Water passes through the small grooves in between the disks and impurities are trapped.  Disk filters provide excellent performance and are considered the optimal choice for almost all micro-irrigation systems.
Disk filters can be cleaned easily and are UV resistant.
Disk filters are good at removing both particulates like sand and organic matter. Commonly used in drip and sprinkler irrigation, they can also be used in combination with Screen filter with excellent results.

Sand & Gravel Filters
Sand Filters are most suitable for removing organic material from water sources such as ponds, rivers or canals, where the level of organic particulates is high. The level and quality of filtration depends on the sand used in the filter and the water velocity.
Sand and gravel filters are cleaned by back washing to flush the suspended materials.

Hydro-cyclone Filters
Also know as centrifugal filters, hydro-cylone filters are specifically used for removing sand and silt particles from the water supply. Centrifugal action, applied by the filters construction, forces sand particles to the outer edge of the cylinder shaped filter and they eventually sink to a reservoir below. 
​Hydro-clone filters are an effective and simple method of removing sand and other solids from irrigation water, however, they may not remove all particles. For systems using micro-irrigation an additional disk filter is highly recommended to avoid blockages.
A hydro-cyclone used in conjunction with disk filter is an excellent combination.
Selection of hydro-cyclone must be correctly calibrated to the flow rate of the system or the filter will not work properly. 

Chemical Filtration

Automatic Water Softener
Excessive hardness in water due to high levels of calcium carbonate will cause scale buildup on pipes and particularly water heating elements. Also there will be difficulty getting soap and detergents to lather. All these problems can be eliminated efficiently and automatically using an Autotrol Water Softener. These utilise the ion exchange process where the calcium is replaced with the more soluble sodium. This is all done automatically using a timer control which allows the water softener resin bed to backwash and regenerate with a brine solution as required.

Advanced Oxidation Water Filtration Media 
Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) Removal
Oxidation Filtration is an extremely powerful catalytic action water filtration media that will remove iron and manganese to the world drinking water standards and down to undetectable levels if required. Oxidation Filtration can also be used as a mechanical filtration media because of it’s high capacity to filter out suspended solids to approximately larger than 10 microns. Oxidation Filtration can also remove Arsenic, Aluminium and Hydrogen Sulphide under certain conditions.
Oxidation Filtration is also used to pre treat iron in water to protect RO membranes from fouling.

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